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IF: Polar

When my 9 year old daughter saw the "Polar" prompt, she asked me to submit her painting of a baby Emperor penguin.

IF:Fortune --- True Story of a Baby Hippo & Tortoise Friendship

This week's prompt, Fortune, inspired me to draw the Orphaned Baby Hippo (Owen) who adopted a 130 year old Tortoise (Mzee) after the 2004 Tsunami. At first, Mzee did not want to be Owen's "mother," but Owen persisted and by the end of their first night, the two were found snuggled up together. It is good fortune that Owen met Mzee and they were to become unlikely friends.You can find out more by typing their names on the WEB. They are at Haller Park Sanctuary in Africa. It is a heartwarming story that my daughters' introduced me to.